Cake Pops 101

I’ve got to say, cake pops could very well be the best thing I’ve ever had, on a stick. Since their creation by the creative food blogger, Bakerella, they have taken our world by storm. Starbucks has even begun selling these little bites of heaven. Some will argue they do not taste quite like an authentic cake pop, but I think they come pretty darn close.
Who doesn’t love cake? I mean our first birthdays are always made monumental, by the iconic handprint in the cake. One of our very first important experiences involves cake. Every year after, we are reminded of our birth with a special–cake. Since a slice cake is not always convenient, it is nice to have other forms such as cupcakes, and cake pops. They are bite-sized and sooo good! They can also be good for those watching their figure and are just in need of a tiny splurge.
So what exactly is a cake pop? To those who are new to the term, it is a combination of cake and frosting, which is then dipped in melted candy melts. It sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Well actually, it really is.The only thing that is required is practice. They can be a little tricky on the first attempt, but you will be able to master them in no time!
Basically, the texture of a cake pop is somewhat like cookie dough(that tastes like cake batter). If you like either of those two things, then you will LOVE cake pops! I’ve been wanting to make a batch for a while, and figure it would be a great opportunity to show how it’s done. Have fun, don’t worry if they don’t look perfect. They will still taste great!I decided to make Tiffany Blue cake pops for a classy and sophisticated twist…


Bake cake as directed on the box
 In a bowl, break up cake into large chunks.
 Add Frosting (about 1 can) and mix with hands.
 Mix until it forms a ball. (It will be very sticky)
 Roll into balls (36-48 depending on how small you roll them)
Freeze for 5 minutes
Melt candy wafers, and dip the top of each stick in the melted wafers.
 Press the top of the stick into one of the cake balls.
(The melted wafers will act as glue to hold the ball on the stick)
  Finish with remaining cake balls
 Spoon coating over each cake pop (dipping them will pull them off of
the stick), and garnish as desired