S’more Bars


I just love summer. The fact that it is one of my last real “summers”, makes it even more meaningful. My carefree days are almost gone forever. It is definitely a bittersweet realization. I am incredibly excited for what the future holds, but with that comes great responsibility.

My sweet tooth will never grow up, though. I still love most of the things that I adored as a child. These bars are a great example. I used to be obsessed with the store-bought version of these. They are just like S’mores, maybe even better! Beware, they are very addicting. I am not even kidding! Once you make them once, they will become a household staple. The best part about these bars is that you can make them anywhere. No campfire or oven necessary!!

I feel that they are perfect for the Fourth of July, and especially summer. S’mores are a quintessential summer treat. There is nothing better than sitting and gazing at the twinkling stars while enjoying a gooey s’more. These bars envelop all of the key ingredients of a s’more. The first time I made these, I did not freeze the mini chocolate chips, and they became a melty mess. I highly recommend that you place them in the freezer beforehand. They are also perfect for a summer BBQ. Just be ready for everyone to ask you for the recipe!


Spray a 9x13in. pan with non-stick cooking spray, and place chocolate chips in the freezer. Meanwhile, melt the butter in a double broiler.

Add mini marshmallows

Once the marshmallows are melted and the mixture is creamy, add vanilla extract and sea salt.

Place Golden Grahams in a bowl, and pour marshmallow mixture.

Stir until well-combined.

Add 1 cup of mini chocolate chips.

Press mixture into the greased pan, using a piece of wax paper to keep bars from sticking. This will create an even layer.

Cut into bars, and serve.