Frosted Softed Sugar Cookies

If you are anything like me, you love having excuses to bake or cook. Super Bowl Sunday is one of those days where you get polish up on your cooking and baking skills. A lot of it is centered around little bites and appetizers, but everyone loves a show-stopping dessert. I really get into the whole thing, so I like to keep my dessert pretty simple.

I have seen so many recipes for copycat “Lofthouse” cookies. Honestly, I am not impressed with any of them. None of the recipes can acquire that ultra airy texture, those cookies are famous for. The icings also leave a lot to be desired. I say that is one recipe we should leave to the original. That being said, I have found a different type of soft sugar cookie, that suits every occasion. They are a very unique take on sugar cookies, that is hard to describe unless you try them. The icing is more like a glaze, but nonetheless, very nice. We all know how much I love almond extract. I had to use that, but you are welcome to use any flavor or extract of your choice.
My Denver Broncos are playing in Super Bowl Sunday today! Needless to say, I had to show a little “Orange” pride. I decided to turn these cookies into “Bronco Nation” cookies. You can definitely color your icing however you would like. You can even leave it white, and top them with some colorful sprinkles. The possibilities are endless.
Have a great Super Bowl Sunday, and Go Broncos!

Ready to serve for game time!